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What If I Have Multiple DUIs?

Many laws are structured in such a way as to punish repeat offenders more harshly. The idea behind this is that since the punishment was not severe enough to make the offender stop the first time, a harsher penalty may have the desired effect of stopping the behavior. Whether it is the unlawful discharge of a weapon or the possession of marijuana, a second conviction will usually result in an increased sentence. Along with these crimes, DUI penalties also become more serious for repeat offenders. Not only does the potential prison sentence increase, but other things like the price of car insurance can skyrocket, and holding a steady job can become difficult. Many employers now use criminal background checks to screen applicants, and multiple DUI convictions are often enough to ensure that you will not be hired.

The Repeat Offender Issue

Sadly, statistics show that repeat DUI offenses are very common. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, at least one-third of all those convicted of DUI are repeat offenders. A “repeat offender” in Arizona is someone who commits a DUI within seven years of a previous conviction. If the previous conviction is a felony, it may stay on the driver’s record for life and can continue to be used as an “earlier offense.” First-time Arizona DUI offender can expect 10 days in jail, up to nine of which may be suspended. However, a second conviction could result in 90 days in prison and a license revocation of up to one year. The driver will also pay thousands of dollars in fines and may be required to perform community service or attend alcohol classes. A second DUI conviction can happen any time within the 7 years after the first and be counted as a repeat offense. That means that if you incur a DUI during college when you are 21, and if you are charged again when you are 28, you may be treated as a repeat offender. Therefore, it is critical to handle both the first and the second DUI properly in order to avoid repeat offender issues. DUIs are serious business and should be treated as such. If you have been charged with a DUI, do not plead guilty without talking to the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix. These attorneys have years of experience in handling DUI cases and can take you step-by-step through the process for the best possible outcome. Call today for a case review.

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