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What Is An Automatic Stay?

Those who find themselves in debt and unable to repay creditors will often face creditor harassment. Creditors can call or send notices to the debtor to seek payment. Creditors will often take advantage of the debtor’s rights and can even act abusively by calling multiple times a day and at odd hours. Some may even use threatening language. It is important to know that creditor harassment and abuse is against the law. If you are a debtor who is being harassed by creditors, there are legal actions you can take to put an end to this type of behavior. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, the court will issue an automatic stay. This means that creditors are no longer allowed to call you or take action to collect debt. Bankruptcy may seem like a scary prospect, however it can offer debtors many benefits, including helping them secure a debt-free future. If you file for bankruptcy, you will receive an automatic stay and enjoy relief from creditor harassment.

What if a Creditor Violates the Law?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits a creditor from engaging in certain collection activities like calling debtors at strange hours, calling the debtor at a place of work if the employer prohibits it, threating a debtor with a lawsuit and discussing the debtor’s private financial matters with anyone other than the debtor. If you know a debt collector has committed any of these actions, you may be able to hold the collector responsible for the harm caused to you. If you are a debtor who has been unfairly and illegally harassed by a creditor, speak with a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney like those at the Oswalt Law Group. We can help you determine the best course of action for your particular situation, including the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will place an automatic stay on the debt collectors, stopping their collection actions and giving you peace of mind.

How a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, the team at the Oswalt Law Group can help. We understand the stress of debt collector harassment and can help you put a stop to it through an automatic stay. The team at the Oswalt Law Group will evaluate your case and work to help you achieve a debt free future through bankruptcy or another viable alternative.

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