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What Will Happen If I Fail A Drug Test?

In late January, Hawaii County, HI nixed its policy of requiring prospective government employees to pass a pre-employment drug test. The decision is based upon the settled lawsuit brought forth by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that such tests were unconstitutional. Until similar procedural changes are made throughout the rest of the US, we will continue to pee on demand for our employers.

What Are They Testing For?

Because basic urine testing is far less expensive than testing hair, most companies that do require pre-employment testing opt for this method. They are mainly screening for marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, opium and meth, among others.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In My System?

Because we are all different, our systems are unique when it comes to how long it takes to flush remnants of drugs and alcohol away. Here is a basic guide with general standards:

Marijuana 7-31 days
Cocaine 2-5 days
Alcohol 8-24 hours
Meth 3-5 days
Opiates 1-4 days
Euphorics 1-3 days


Can They Do That?

Employment drug testing is essentially a state-by-state issue. While companies are in no way required to screen applicants, those that do say the top reasons for doing so include lower insurance rates, maintaining productivity and safety, and reducing absenteeism.

What Options Do I Have If I Fail a Drug Test?

“False positives” are a real thing in the drug testing business, and can be caused by everyday items such as cold medicines, Vitamin B supplements, bagels with poppy seeds and tonic water. In short, you have a good chance of challenging the results. If your employer has an open mind, they may allow you to retake the test.

Get a Lawyer On Your Side to Fight For Your Job!

If you’ve been denied employment or promotion or have even been fired because of a failed drug test, you need the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The professionals at Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix thoroughly understand the laws and all of the options available to you.

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