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What’s Your Ring Finger Worth?

According to the state of Arizona, your ring finger is worth $11,929. While that may raise an eyebrow, considering that the national average amount placed upon that same finger is $14,660. Something’s not adding up, right? That’s because each state has been allowed to determine its own benefits in workers’ compensation benefits awarded to employees who’ve been injured on the job. With the help of a new database, it’s clear to see that Arizona workers’ comp benefits fall below the national average for just about every body part – excluding feet and ears. Other examples of Arizona placing less financial value on body parts than other states include:

Body Part Arizona Value National Average
Leg $119,290 $153,221
Pinky Finger $9,543 $11,343
Big Toe $16,701 $23,436
Eye $71,574 $96,700
Arm $143,148 $169,878

  As for which states pay the most, Oregon and Nevada are shown to provide the highest compensations on average.

Workers’ Comp Benefits in Arizona at a Glance

If they employ one or more people – full or part-time – all Arizona employers are required to provide coverage for workers’ compensation. Even if you’re injured in an accident that is your fault, you still may able to collect benefits. If you are injured on the job, you need to notify your employer ASAP. That will get the ball rolling with procedures as the employer will be required to report your injury to the Industrial Commission of Arizona and to the employer’s insurance provider. While the employer will be able to select the doctor you see first, you’re allowed to select the physician afterwards.

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