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Why Can’t I Use Bankruptcy Software To File My Own Petition?

Many people have embraced the “self-help” software movement. This involves software that allows users to file their own taxes and perform other financial tasks that were once the responsibility of professionals. Further, some websites advertise the “do-it-yourself” approach for filing divorce, bankruptcy and other financial and legal tasks. These websites offer users a chance to save money by doing some of the work involved in these jobs themselves. However, taking a DIY approach to legal jobs is not without its risks. For example, when someone uses a divorce kit, he or she may miss very important points that could affect that spouse’s financial obligations for years to come. Similarly, filing a DIY bankruptcy can cause you to miss something that could cost you money or cause some of your debts to escape discharge, leaving you with the obligation to pay them even after the bankruptcy is over.

How DIY Bankruptcy Software Works

DIY bankruptcy software, like tax software, is designed for the average debtor. While the program may work for some bankruptcy filings, there are always situations it will not address. If your bankruptcy happens to be one of those types, you may miss important exemptions that could save you money. Like tax software, bankruptcy software asks debtors to enter information in the form of answers to a series of questions. The accuracy of these answers will determine how well the program works. If you do not understand a question or submit an incorrect answer, your bankruptcy filing may not be complete or accurate. When you work with a bankruptcy attorney, however, you are not required to take the burden of ensuring that the information submitted to the court is accurate. Your attorney does that for you. Part of an attorney’s job is to discuss your situation with you fully so that he or she can answer the questions that arise in the course of filing a bankruptcy. Your attorney should also help you choose the best form of bankruptcy and designate your exemptions properly so that you benefit fully from the protections offered by the law. The bankruptcy attorneys at the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix can help you with these important tasks. Rather than rely on your own knowledge, allow the experts at the Oswalt Law Group to help you make the most of your bankruptcy case.

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