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Woman Playing Doctor Charged With Fraud

Police have charged a woman with fraud for running a phony dental practice from her Phoenix apartment. The 54-year-old woman apparently ran her fake dentist office for at least two years.

Playing the Role Well

Documents revealed that the unlicensed dentist played the role well; filling her apartment with dental instruments, including a saliva ejector and air/water syringe. Even her bed was made to look like a dental chair and her apartment living room was assembled to serve as a waiting room, complete with magazines and chairs.   She was obviously convincing in her role as a doctor. So much so that the office manager of the apartment complex allowed her to install his braces in January.

Health Care Fraud Defense

It’s not known as of yet how the fake dentist handled billing. If she is charged with submitting fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicaid or insurance providers, she will be facing even more serious matters. Laws regarding Medicare, Medicaid or insurance fraud are seemingly always in a state of flux. Because of that, any health care fraud case can easily transform into an insurmountable pile of paperwork that must be sifted through and examined. That’s why it’s imperative that anyone accused or charged with fraud retain professional and skilled defense representation ASAP. Such an attorney will be able to provide you with key insight and advice on how best to mount a successful defense.

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