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You’ll Never Guess What You Can Do If Stopped for DUI!

DUI attorneys are often asked for a list of things to do and not to do if a driver is stopped for DUI.  It is hard to generate such a list because situations can vary and the circumstances may determine the best course of action.  However, there are some pointers that can apply no matter where or when you are stopped.  Here are three things to remember if you are ever pulled over for DUI or if you must go through a DUI roadblock. 1)  Know your rights.  Learning about your rights before you are stopped is a good way to ensure that you make the right decisions when under pressure.  Take some time to review your rights as a citizen when you are stopped by the police.  Pay particular attention to your right against illegal search and seizure.  The police do not have an automatic right to search your car, and you do not have to answer any questions or submit to any field tests.  Instead, politely refuse to comply with these requests.  Be polite, but stand your ground.  However, you should also be sure that you understand that there are things you do not have the right to refuse, such as a blood, breath or urine test.  You give up the right to refuse those tests when you get a driver’s license. 2)  Never fight or threaten the police.  Fighting, aggressive behavior and threats are all signs police officers look for in determining whether someone may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Instead of fighting, maintain a calm and polite demeanor.  If you fight with the police or attempt to resist arrest, you may be charged with other crimes as well as DUI, especially if you cause injury or property damage. 3)  Call an attorney.  At the earliest possible opportunity, you should contact a DUI attorney.  The sooner your attorney begins working for you, the sooner you can begin a defense that may help you avoid some of the penalties associated with DUI convictions. The attorneys at Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix are here to help if you are arrested for or charged with DUI.  We can help you understand the nature of your charges as well as your options.  Call us today for a consultation about your case and learn how you can address DUI charges.

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