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Yuma County to Pay $400,000 for Wrongful Death

The family of a former Tempe police officer has been awarded a $400,000 settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Case at a Glance

The former officer was found dead in a Yuma County jail cell from an apparent suicide in 2014. He was facing several charges related to a high-speed chase the previous December. The charges included four counts of endangerment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful flight after leading officers on a high-speed chase on Interstate 8. As he was being booked into the jail, he was described as “homicidal and suicidal” by law enforcement officers. In spite of the homicidal and suicidal descriptions, the man was seen in custody only on occasion by mental health professionals for depression. His body was found hanging in a corner of his cell on the morning of his suicide. Even though deputies and a registered nurse performed CPR, he was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Who Will Pay?

According to reports, Yuma County will pay $300,000 and Correctional Healthcare Solutions – the psychiatric health care provider for the county jail – will pay the remaining $100,000.

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