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Can You Guess The Costliest Workplace Injuries?

Being hurt while on the job can seriously impact your life, your financial stability, and your entire family. Recently, editors with PropertyCasualty360 – an online resource for those in the insurance industry – ranked the costliest workplace injuries in the U.S.; we share a few of them here. Costliest Workplace Injuries in the U.S. Using…

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Find Out How Car Seats Saved This Woman’s Four Children

The holidays will be especially sweet for a Peoria mother who has a new appreciation for children’s car seats. That’s because it’s likely that she has the seats to thank for saving the lives of her children during an auto collision. Here’s What Happened Last month, the mother and her passengers – including all four…

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Find Out Why Maricopa County Will Pay a Former Inmate $200,000

A Maricopa woman who was jailed when she gave birth will receive $200,000 from the County because detention officers restrained her before and after she gave birth to her son. The Case at a Glance While in custody facing felony identification-theft charges, the woman was taken – handcuffed in an ambulance – to a medical…

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