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Did A Drunk Doctor Injure A Baby?

In a shocking case from Las Vegas, a delivery room doctor is captured on video admitting he had just returned from happy hour where he enjoyed vodka. His comments were captured by members of the mother’s family, who were video recording the delivery. The woman is suing the hospital and claims that the doctor’s inebriated…

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Things You May Not Know About Medical Malpractice In Arizona

Startling numbers from a study revealed that half of all surgeries in the U.S. involve an error on the part of the medical team. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of medical personnel who go the extra mile for their patients. But when accidents in the surgery room occur, we feel just as strongly that…

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You’d Be Surprised Who You’re Really Battling With In Medical Malpractice Cases

We’ve got tremendous respect for those who serve in the medical field. In so many instances, their knowledge is literally the deciding factor in whether someone lives or dies. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. In the medical field, though, when mistakes happen, they can often be life-changing and permanent. In many of those cases, medical malpractice…

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