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Arizona Man Gets $2.5 Million in Lawsuit Against VA

Last June, we shared news about claims of medical malpractice and cover-ups at the Phoenix Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Health Care System. Earlier this week, a man who received treatment at the VA hospital in Phoenix was awarded $2.5 million from a judge. We’ll talk about the specifics of the case in this issue.

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Learn How to Re-Establish Good Credit After Personal Bankruptcy

When you make it through the personal bankruptcy process and you’ve been discharged from your debt responsibilities, the first order of business is to re-establish good credit. There aren’t any rules for how to do this, and how quickly you’re able to re-establish good credit will depend upon a host of factors. In this issue,…

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You’ll Never Guess How This Former Contractor Received $2.2 Million

A 59-year-old former contractor who says he can no longer work after being involved in a rear-end vehicle crash has agreed to a $2.2 million settlement from the employer of the man who ran into him. In this issue, we’ll talk about the case.

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NFL Star Makes Huge Blunder After Being Charged With DUI

Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman David Parry apparently put on a clinic about how not to act when questioned by police. According to reports, the NFL star unleashed a torrent of homophobic slurs and profanity-laced insults towards officers when he was arrested in Scottsdale last weekend for driving under the influence (DUI). In this issue, we’ll…

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Learn The Difference Between Your Credit Score and Your Credit Report

We’ve talked before about the importance of keeping track of your credit score and how to improve it. But did you know there is a difference between your credit score and your credit report? We’ll explain it in this issue.

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Find Out Why Cyber Thieves Are Targeting Online Lenders

If you’ve gone online recently to secure a loan, you may want to pull your credit report to see if anything is amiss. That’s because recent reports say there have been over 1 million cyberattacks by identify thieves aimed at online lenders. We’ll talk about it in this issue.

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Read About This Bus Driver Charged With Day After DUI

A school bus driver is in serious need of legal help after being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and child endangerment. While talking with police officers at the scene of the arrest, the man confessed that he had consumed about “three-quarters of a gallon of bourbon” the previous night. We’ll talk…

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Learn All About Ignition Interlock Devices

An example of Arizona’s “toughest in the land” penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) includes the possible court-mandated installment of an ignition interlock device – even for your first DUI charge. In this issue, we’ll answer a host of frequently asked questions about ignition interlock devices and their effectiveness.

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Learn Why Lowe’s Owes This Woman over $16 Million

A woman who experienced permanent head injuries after slipping and falling in water at a Lowe’s Home Center has been awarded more than $16 million by a jury. In this issue, we’ll talk about the case.

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